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Rogue Squadron Podcast

Apr 23, 2018

Welcome to the podcast everyone this is Commander Cody the one and only host of the show forever and for all time going solo (no other hosts matter).


Congrats to this month's Patreon giveaway winner, Conner (alias TBD)! This is the first month with the new tier and the giveaway so Conner has extra special patron-privilege for winning.

If YOU want to win toys that you could just buy yourself but are too lazy to do, all you need to do is capture a rancor and bring it to us for tribute.


If you've been a long time fan, consider joining up with our Patreon page - we do weekly group calls (which end up becoming episodes), and Patreon members get discounts on all our sponsors and are members of a private group chat on WhatsApp. Visit to join.


Joining Patreon is SO EASY

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  8. Win the lottery
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  10. Sacrifice your third-born daughter to Kathleen Kennedy
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