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Rogue Squadron Podcast

Jan 31, 2015

Thanks To Everyone Who Tuned Into Twitch!

We had a blast this Thursday with you all on the Twitch chat room - a lot of great thoughts and opinions from our listeners really keeps us going!  Big ups to our guest Andy, back for the third time in all his glory.

This week we reviewed some of our recent Instagram posts,...

Jan 24, 2015

With Our Russian Beer Review This Week, The Title Is Fitting, Eh?

Moving past our one year anniversary, full steam ahead!  A lot of topics covered in this episode, including some deeper introspective thoughts into Count Dooku and his true role as a Sith.  As usual, a few random questions that we pose to each other and...

Jan 17, 2015

Happy Anniversary!!!!

We’re glad to say we’ve made it through an entire year of podcasting!  Thanks for sticking with us through 20 episodes, a bunch of memes, so much hilarity, and all the rest of it.  We love you!

Big ups to our guest Ryan, a fellow nerd and lover of all things superhero, video games, sci-fi,...

Jan 10, 2015

Number 19! Quickly approaching our one-year anniversary and our 20th episode!

Somewhat of a slow week recently; no huge trailers, announcements, releases, or anything really, other than the Ant-Man trailer. But, we know nothing about that! We dive deep into some Star Wars expanded universe content, talking about the...

Jan 3, 2015

Happy New Year’s!

We kicked off 2015 this week with an epic gaming marathon. As such, we had a whole group of people in the room for the podcast this time around. Thanks to our main guest Pat (ButterClone06), and our peanut gallery featuring Travis (TommyBoy249r), Zach (aBuffalo Soulja) and Tyler (Goose). Those are...