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Rogue Squadron Podcast

Mar 28, 2015

What’s Better Than One Beer Review?

SEVEN BEER REVIEWS! We chose a solid “main” review beer in the delicious Bell’s Oberon, as well as a 6-pack sampler  of some really solid craft brews. It truly was a hoppy journey across the seven seas of flavor; all thanks to our guest Alex, a beer geek extraordinaire from...

Mar 21, 2015

Do You Have Thoughts?

We talked about a lot of things this episode, some random, and some not so random. Most importantly: we want to hear what YOUR thoughts our on our crazy discussions? Darth Maul vs. General Grievous; who would win? How do you like the new Battlefield game? Do you prefer pickles or cucumbers?...

Mar 15, 2015

Rejoice! Lord Kerner Has Graced Us With His Presence Once Again!

Guys, thanks for checking in once again! Enjoy the newest episode, and be sure to check out our other segments! Fanboy Commentary (Episode I recently complete!) and Behind the Comedy.

The Cavs slammed last week, Battlefield Hardline comes out next...

Mar 7, 2015

Hey, Here We Are!

Back after a one-week hiatus, but hey, we gave you 3 new episodes last time so there was plenty to listen to!  Glad to be back in the studio for this TWENTY FIFTH episode!  A quarter of the way to 100.  Pretty crazy.

Thanks for everyone tuning in to the live stream! Remember, we’ve moved our live...