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Rogue Squadron Podcast

May 30, 2015

Thanks To Our Fabulous Guest Alkali Layke!

A wonderful cosplayer, entrepreneur, make-up artist, and fellow beer lover! We loved having her live on the show this week. Unfortunately, since it was our first experiment having a Skype guest while also streaming live on Twitch, we had a few technical difficulties; but we...

May 23, 2015

Super Nostalgia Episode, Engage!

What was your favorite comedy movie from your childhood? We’re talking mid-90s here. You got Sandlot, Ninja Turtles, Home Alone, Little Giants, and the list goes on. So what would you pick?

Also, we recently watched the Star Wars Ep. III deleted scenes, so we had some chats about...

May 17, 2015


Thanks for checking in, pals! We’re back on Twitch @RogueSquadPod, doing some weekly podcast episodes, live streams of our fanboy commentary, and streaming some awesome Star Wars games! Check it out and join the chat with us, we’d love to hear from you. Thanks to everyone...

May 9, 2015

Seriously, Who Doesn’t Like Coloring Books?!

We have returned for another episode! New updates and news about the Force Awakens and Battlefront, including the Vanity Fair photo shoot with cast & crew and details on some more of the actors confirmed their roles - mainly Gwendolyn Christie as CAPTAIN PHASMA...