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Rogue Squadron Podcast

Aug 22, 2016

Details coming soon… just listen to the sh*t and laugh (for now).

Aug 15, 2016

Our first actual visit to an actualbrewery

Beforewe sat down to record Episode 72, we had the joy of visiting our buddy NextTime at his new place of employment… Actual Brewing here in Columbus, Ohio. It’san actual brewery that brews actual beer. And it’s ACTUALLY delicious! Greatbeer, and one of them made it into...

Aug 2, 2016

We’ve been gone but at least we had areason this time… 

CommanderCody got married! It’s been an eventful summer but we’re back in business andready to kick some sh*t. Thanks everyone for tuning in!

This week we chat about the goings-on from Comic Con last week, mainly focusing onthe trailers for Justice League...