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Rogue Squadron Podcast

Jan 30, 2017

We did something. With mics. And here it is. Plug it into your faces.


BEST BEER EVER - Progress Pilsner from Market Garden Brewery in CLE



Jan 23, 2017

We were lucky enough to chat with Apeiron KotOR, the duo developing a brand new version of the famous Knights of the Old Republic!


Make sure to follow them on Twitter and on Twitch to stay updated with the game’s...

Jan 9, 2017

Happy New Year again! On this episode we dive into mainly excitement and speculation, surrounding Rebels season 3 and new casting updates for the Han Solo anthology film.

344 Days to Episode 8 !!!



  • Woody Harrelson to play mentor in the Han Solo anthology film
  • Rebels Season 3 part 2 teaser
    • Maul vs....

Jan 5, 2017

The year is finally at an end, and after all the madness that came with 2016 we decided it necessary to go back and do a nice recap of the year that will live in infamy!


Favorite Movies

  1. Dr. Strange
  2. Deadpool
  3. Rogue One


Favorite Beers

  1. Rouge One Red IPA
  2. Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale
  3. Alpine Duet IPA


Favorite Guests