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Rogue Squadron Podcast

Dec 28, 2017

Commander Cody finally got to sit down with Justin Reik and Vinny Valentino from Land-Grant to chat about the beer we brewed in honor of the new movie, "The Last Red-Eye," and of course discuss at length the many aspects of The Last Jedi.

Spoilers, obviously, it's been two weeks!


Check out Land-Grant on the web and on...

Dec 17, 2017

If you couldn't tell, they said "spark" a lot in this movie. Also "hope." You know how they usually throw one theme at you through the entire 2 hour ride in the theater.

You've been warned, this episode contains SPOILERS for the Last Jedi. I wonder how many people will miss the blatant all-caps word in the title, and...

Dec 12, 2017

This is our LAST episode before the premier of The Last Jedi! This may very well be the most exciting moment of our lives... this movie will change the future of Star Wars as we know it FOREVER! Enjoy our thoughts & predictions for the film, and we also dive into some additional Battlefront II thoughts, and a recap of...

Dec 10, 2017

One of our madhouse groupcasts with the drunkards from Patreon! Every-other-fortnight our supporters hop in for a group call about all our favorite Star Wars and beer topics.

This week we were also joined by Corey Helton who is founding a new subscription box service, Youtini. He gave us an inside look at how Youtini is...